Evangelization and Catechesis Commission

Strong faith formation programs for both adults and children are basic to a successful parish. Formations is important because the human being must continually be formed – that is “conformed to Christ” – before he/she can fully share the life of the church. The bishops at the Second Vatican Council stressed the needs for Christian formation by declaring that, “Before one can come to the liturgy, one must be called to faith and conversion.” 

Finding and developing leadership potential is essential if individuals are to take their God-given place in the Body of Christ. We hear often that Christ has no hands and feet on earth but ours. Each parish needs to encourage its members to place their hands and minds in God’s service. 

Baptism (English/Spanish)

Blanca Cervantes 


Faith Builder Ministry 

Analyn Rinaldi


Library Ministry  

Sue Wade  


Misioneros con Jesus y Maria

Carmen Morales


Pequeñas Comunidades

Luz Barrios



Darlene Muñoz



Blanca Cervantes


Religious Education 

Blanca Cervantes


Scripture Study Ministry

John Rinaldi  


Youth and Young Adult 

Jonathan Lumamba


Potential Leaders:

  1. Catholic Christian identity supported by a strong prayer life
  2. Sense of boundaries and balance
  3. Person of integrity who can articulate vision
  4. Vibrant intellectual life with a hunger for learning
  5. Ability to listen and collaborate
  6. Someone who has close friends
  7. Gift to motivate and inspire others
  8. Skill to call forth gifts in others

Faith Formation:

  1. Provide ongoing faith formation for all Catholics.
  2. Support catechists in their efforts for continual formation and certification.
  3. Offer activities and resources to help adults experience, understand, and live their faith.
  4. Develop faith formation that is life-long in order that adults can fulfill their leadership roles in this new era of church ministry.
  5. Show that faith formation benefits children and youth by enriching the parent’s role as their children’s teachers, and by setting an example to their children that learning about God does not end with confirmation.
  6. Encourage members of your parish to participate in the School for Pastoral Ministry (PMFP, MFI, etc.) in English or Spanish. 


  1. Develop a mission for our parish that is shared by the pastor, council, staff and other leaders.
  2. Assure that our parish personnel have job descriptions and annual evaluations.
  3. Promote on-going formation of our parish leaders by attendance at workshops and classes on diocesan and national levels.
  4. Offer discernment of gifts workshops so parishioners can clarify their talents and see how they can serve as leaders.

The Formation Commission welcomes all members of St.Vincent Ferrer Parish who are willing to extend their time, talent and treasure for the good of the community.



Faith Formation

  • Kinder - 5
  • Middle School
  • Adult Formation
  • RCIA

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“God commanded our ancestors to teach their children; so that the generation to come might know, and that they too may rise and declare to their children that they should put their hope in God.”

                Psalm 78:6


Faith Builder Ministry &
Junior Ministries

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